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Supply List 






2021-2022 School Supply List

Advanced Kinesiology


*1-3 ring binder (3in.) w/ dividers (Can be used for all classes)

*3- Presentation Boards      *Exercise/Yoga Mat     *Notebook paper

*P.E. Uniform         *Ink pens (Any color)       *Personal Hygiene Products

*SCHS Email Account (see your HR teacher)       *Highlighters

*Hand Sanitizer      *Anti-bacterial wipes     *Anti-bacterial Spray

*Paper towels     *Kleenex Tissue         *Hand Soap


Advanced Kinesiology Uniform

*White, Red, or Black T-shirt 

(No Words or Graphics, SCHS t-shirts are acceptable.)

*Knee -Length Gym Shorts (loose fitting/ black or red


Jogging Pants (loose fitting/ black or red)

* Gym Shoes w/ Socks

(Students are expected to change into their PE uniform daily.)



Health Education Classroom Supplies

*1-3 ring binder (3in.) w/ dividers (Can be used for all classes) 

* Notebook paper       *Ink pens (Any color)   * 3- Presentation Boards  

* Highlighters              *Hand Sanitizer       *Anti-bacterial wipes       *Anti-bacterial Spray

*Paper towels              *Kleenex Tissue         *Hand Soap

*SCHS Email Account (see your HR teacher)